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TreadRight Foundation


Enriching Travel Experiences

As one of The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, Insight Vacations is a founding member of the TreadRight Foundation and shares a collective desire to protect and preserve the stunningly beautiful environments, fascinating cultures and awe-inspiring communities of our natural world.

TreadRight is a not-for-profit organisation that works tirelessly to ensure the environment and communities we visit remain for generations to come. Since 2008, TreadRight has supported more than 35 sustainable tourism projects worldwide, working with expert Project Partners who directly oversee these projects on the ground, including The National Trust, National Geographic and Alliance for Artisan Enterprise.

When travelling with Luxury Gold on select itineraries, you’ll see some of these incredible projects in action. In Cusco, your journey includes visiting an artisan weaver who is supported by TreadRight to encourage the continuation of the 10,000-year-old Peruvian weaving tradition. While in Toronto, you’ll uncover our involvement in maintaining the centuries old tradition of ‘mukluk’ shoe making, protecting Canada’s Aboriginal cultural heritage. In choosing Luxury Gold, you are helping TreadRight continue its life-changing work.

As a leading global travel company, Luxury Gold has the opportunity to positively impact the destinations in which we operate. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities we interact with remain healthy and vibrant, and grow with us.

Why Go Coach?

Coach travel has been proven to reduce congestion and create less pollution per passenger kilometre than any other form of transport. Coach travel creates approximately 85% less CO2 per passenger kilometre than car and air travel, and nearly 40% less CO2 per passenger kilometre than rail travel.

The Luxury Gold coach fleet is among the most efficient in Europe, complying with EU emissions standards. Over the past two decades EU emissions standards have made it so that Euro Emissions 6 registered vehicles create up to 97% less particulate emissions and 95% less nitrogen oxide emissions than those vehicles meeting previous Euro Emissions standards.

Carbon Emissions Grid

Luxury Gold

Coach travel causes less pollution per passenger mile than any other transportation option.
Source: DEFRA (UK Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) conversion factors 2014.

* Car assumes UK average of 1.5 people per car.
** Coach assumes average of 36 passengers.