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Luxury Hotels - Luxury Gold Vacations

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Gold hotels are simply the best of the best. In terms of luxurious comfort, elegant surroundings, excellent locations, and supremely high standards of service, our carefully curated selection of places to stay leaves nothing to be desired.

A Hand-Crafted Selection of Hotels

It would be hard to exaggerate the amount of care and local knowledge we put into hand-crafting every aspect of your Luxury Gold journey, not least selecting hotels. In every destination, we are able to seek out hidden gems, and other exceptional luxury hotels, that are evocative of a particular place and add something truly special to every night your vacation.

Extreme Comfort

In choosing hotels for our guests, we look for real character, history and a sense of style. And we insist on exceptional comfort. From boutique hotels to castles and country houses, the style varies hugely, but sophistication and luxury await you every night of your journey.

Desirable Locations

Your Luxury Gold hotel could be in the heart of a vibrant city, perfectly placed for exploring. Or you may wake up, throw back the curtains, and reveal an idyllic rural landscape or a white-crested sea. But wherever you travel with us, you're always exactly where you want to be.

Impeccable Service

Needless to say, the luxury hotels we select are adept at making you feel like a VIP. That may well start with a personal welcome from the manager when you arrive, and a glass of something chilled; it will certainly include your luggage being delivered to your room.