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5 Star Services - Luxury Gold Vacations

Five Star Service

You’re on vacation – this is your time to relax, explore and fully take in your surroundings. That’s why we take care of all the logistical details, from the moment we collect you from the airport, to the final toast of your farewell celebration. We’ve thought of everything – hotel check-ins, hotel Wi-Fi, reservations and tipping for service are all in hand. You won’t even have to carry your bag; we’ll deliver it to your door seamlessly and promptly. We’ll even enchant you with occasional Flourishes representing local delicacies. Luxury Gold travel means hassle-free travel.

Relaxed Starts

We also understand the importance of ensuring you have the freedom to explore new places on your terms, in your own time. That’s why our itineraries have the perfect balance of both scheduled events and free time, where you can shape your own adventure, at a pace that suits you. Leisurely itineraries and ideally situated hotels give you more freedom to explore. Where you see the ‘RS’ symbol on an itinerary, this means ‘Relaxed Starts’ and indicates that activities start at 9.00am at the earliest.

Always in good company

Whether you’re travelling solo, or planning to venture with family or friends, a Luxury Gold tour ensures you are well looked after. Private arrival and departure airport transfers are included. You’ll be in the good company of like-minded people who will bring a new dimension to your inspiring journey.

Travelling in comfort and style

Enjoy spacious, limousine legroom, panoramic views, air-conditioning, amazing sound systems and free Wi-Fi in Europe and North America when travelling on our luxury touring coaches. With smaller group sizes, boarding and exiting the coach is swift, giving you more time to explore at each iconic destination. We also include personal radio headsets in Europe and North America, giving you freedom to wander during commentary.