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Exclusive VIP - Luxury Gold Vacations

Exclusive VIP Experiences

There are so many memorable moments on a Luxury Gold journey, but these are the ones you are certain to be talking about long after your trip is over: our diverse collection of VIP experiences, unique to Luxury Gold guests and near-impossible to access for any independent traveller.

We'll introduce you to incredible people; sometimes famous, always renowned within their specialist fields. In Peru, for example, you will have an opportunity not just to visit the studio of world-famous artist Victor Delfin, but also to chat informally with him about his life and work. And when, in Venice, you marvel at the beauty of the Doge's Palace, a local expert will be right there beside you, eager to share their knowledge about its fascinating history.

We'll take you to places that are "off-limits" to other travellers, gaining access to famous landmark sites outside of regular hours, or not open to the general public. In Rome, for example, you won't just enjoy a private visit to the Sistine Chapel, but also a rare viewing of the renowned Bramante Staircase. And we can promise that your private visit to the Tower of London, where you'll join the warden for the famous 700-year-old Ceremony of the Keys, will become one of your most treasured memories.

Finally, using our local contacts and connections, we'll find the most exciting cultural events, securing tickets that would be "sold out" if you were travelling alone, or with anyone but Luxury Gold.