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Epicurean Dining - Luxury Gold Vacations

Epicurean & Authentic Dining

A Luxury Gold vacation includes culinary experiences and gourmet dining, designed to delight your palate and ignite your sense of adventure. Indulge in the rich, authentic flavours of each destination, while sharing engaging conversation within remarkable settings.

We offer the following variety of dining styles:

Welcome Dinner

The first meal of your vacation is a Welcome Dinner where you will meet your travel companions and dine on fine local cuisine, setting the tone for your journey ahead.

Highlight Evenings

Highlight Evenings bring you sensational regional dishes, paired with tantalising entertainment to uplift and inspire.

Michelin Star Evenings

In Europe, our Michelin Star Evenings will enable you to experience gastronomic excellence at one of the continent’s most esteemed restaurants.

Dine-Around Evenings

Dine-Around Evenings give you the opportunity to choose where to dine from a collection of outstanding restaurants where you will enjoy exquisite specialities from the region.

Farewell Celebration

The final Farewell Celebration meal rounds off your momentous journey, where you can share a toast with your newfound friends and savour a delicious meal, until the next adventure.