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Group Travel

Tailor-Made Group Travel

To make the most out of your trip, we offer Tailor Made Group Travel that is customised around a wide variety of themes, places or events.

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Flexible Destinations

From wine to wellness, Renaissance art to relaxation, we can tailor a guided journey to your groups special interests.

Small Groups - Luxury Gold

Design Your Trip Freely

You will have the freedom of designing a trip from the ground up, all based on group preferences. Work with our expert trip planners and make the most of their wealth of worldwide experience and connections, to ensure your trip is truly unforgettable.

Depending on your group’s particular interests or preferences, we can create unforgettable customised journeys around a wide variety of themes, places or events:

  • Golf
  • Art and history
  • Food and wine
  • Gardening
  • Military and battlefields
  • Sport
  • Wellness
  • Religion and faith schools
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • Photography



Dedicated Smaller Group Departures

If our smaller group travel isn’t enough for you, try one of our Dedicated Smaller Group Departures on selected trips.


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Bespoke Specialist Private Trips

For those looking for private group trips we offer bespoke, specialist travel that is personalised for the individual.


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Book your tailor-made trip today

Wherever you'd like to venture, leave every detail to us. To book your tailor-made journey, contact us or your travel professional for a quote today.