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Europe & Britain

  • Austria

    Austria - Luxury Gold Vacations

    You'll find there's much more to Salzburg than The Sound of Music; spend some time taking in the rest of this sophistacated city's baroque architecture, art and culture.

    When to go: June-September for a warmer climate and clearer skies; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.

    City sights and stunning countryside combine in perfect fashion in Austria. The architectural splendour of Vienna is as enticing as the snow-capped mountain peaks and crystal-clear lakes that you'll find when off the beaten track. With Insight, you can experience the best of both worlds. Find out more about seeing Austria with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Croatia

    Country Roads of Croatia - Insight Vacations

    Don’t miss a visit to the capital city of Zagreb, a fascinating city full of interesting things to see and do, including having what’s thought to be the world’s best sunset.

    When to go: May-October for the warmest climates which allows breathtaking views of varying scenes of the Dalmatian Riviera.

    Croatia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – and it’s not hard to see why. The dazzling coastline might be the first thing that steals your heart, but the walled city of Dubrovnik, UNESCO protected city of Split, mini-fortress of Korcula, and national parks just begging to be explored will keep you coming back for more. Find out more about seeing Croatia with Luxury Gold.

  • Czech Republic

    Vienna, Budapest & Prague - Cesky Krumlov

    In Prague you get the perfect balance of history and modernity. Explore one of the most beautiful and intact medieval centres in Europe, while also enjoying the city’s nightlife, bars, cafes and concerts.

    When to go: May-August for the best weather; November-December for amazing Christmas markets.

    You may be drawn to the Czech Republic by dreams of seeing Prague, but there’s much more to this central European country than its stunning capital. Countless castles dot the richly diverse landscape where you’ll find everything from orchards and vineyards, to rolling plains, mountains and picturesque towns suspended in time. Find out more about seeing Czech Republic with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • England

    London, England

    One of the most multifaceted cities in the world, London really does have something for everyone, from history and architecture buffs, to foodies and shoppers.

    When to go: May-September for the warmest climates; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.

    England is about so much more than Yorkshire pudding and iconic red phone booths. Take in the diverse landscape dotted with lush fields and craggy peaks; explore historical cities and quaint villages; visit stately homes and museums; and feel the buzz of London as you shop, stroll and eat your way through the vibrant capital. Find out more about seeing England with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • France

    French Elegance - Luxury Gold by Insight Vacations

    Paris is packed with must-see sights, but it’s also a city that’s about so much more than its famous landmarks. No matter what you see and do in Paris, the city will draw you in and mesmerize you.

    When to go: May-September for the best weather; November-December for great Christmas markets.

    Paris gets a lot of attention (with good reason), but France as a whole is a vacation destination like no other. Art, history, food and wine, fashion, and architecture can all be enjoyed here, from the sun-kissed Cote D’Azur, to the vineyards of Burgundy and Alsace, to the sparkling streets of Paris. Find out more about seeing France with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Hungary

    Romantic European

    In addition to Budapest, don’t miss out on Hungary’s other must-see cities and town, including Szeged with its interesting architecture, or the charming town of Szentendre.

    When to go: May-September for the warmest temperatures; November-December for great Christmas markets.

    Give yourself over to the mesmerizing beauty of Budapest – actually two cities “Buda” and “Pest” – and then dive into the rest of Hungary’s many diverse offerings. Head to one of the estimated 300 thermal baths where you can “take the waters” as the locals do; visit Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest freshwater lake; stop in charming towns; and be sure to take a river cruise along the Danube. Find out more about seeing Hungary with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Italy

    Gondala, Italy

    Everywhere you go in Italy you’ll be treated to a different yet equally palate-pleasing cuisine, from rice and fish dishes in Venice, to exquisite pasta and sauces in Rome. Come to Italy with an appetite.

    When to go: April-October for the warmest and driest climates; November-December for a fantastic festive atmosphere.

    There’s a reason so many people want to visit Italy – you can’t help but fall in love with some aspect of the country, be it the unforgettable food, the wealth of renaissance architecture and priceless art, or the landscape dotted with olive groves and vineyards. From high fashion, to humble homemade wine on a country road, Italy has it all – and then some. Find out more about seeing Italy with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Poland

    Highlights of Poland - Insight Vacations

    Make a stop in Kraków for its well-preserved Gothic and Renaissance architecture; winding streets filled with bars, clubs and restaurants; lively market square; and the intriguing Old Town, the city’s historic centre.

    When to go: June-August for the warmest temperatures to experience the astonishing history of this important region.

    Poland is dripping in history, from medieval castles, to architecture that paints a striking picture of the country’s past. But you can also get a taste of urban energy in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdańsk, and explore Poland’s natural beauty, which includes white sandy beaches, freshwater lakes, forests, and rocky snow-capped peaks. Find out more about seeing Poland with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Portugal

    Portugal & the Douro - Insight Vacations

    In addition to its plethora of historic attractions, Portugal’s capital is also where to come for nightlife and great food among the winding streets of the Bairro Alto district, noteworthy architecture, and parks and squares made for lounging among the locals.

    When to go: Portugal's outstanding climates means good temperatures all year round.

    Sunny, seductive Portugal is not to be missed. 850 km of sandy beaches, a charming capital packed with historical attractions, an abundance of fresh seafood, a diverse landscape, and a mild climate with 3000 hours of sunshine a year are just a few reasons Portugal makes for an unforgettable European getaway. Find out more about seeing Portugal with Luxury Gold Vacations.

  • Slovakia

    Slovakia - Luxury Gold Vacations

    The capital of Bratislava is a must-see destination in its own right. Make sure to explore the Old Town’s cobbled squares and gaze at the landmark four-towered castle overlooking the city.

    When to go: June-September for the highest temperatures which allows more comfortable viewing of this mountainous country.

    Another one of Europe’s hidden gem destinations, Slovakia deserves to be on more traveller’s radars. The country’s array of national parks, underground caves, rejuvenating thermal springs, museums, historic castles, and rapidly expanding capital city are not yet getting the attention they deserve. Go now before the crowds catch on. Find out more about seeing Slovakia with Luxury Gold Vacations.

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